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All of our staff in Nepal are young women who are being supported and educated from income generated by our volunteer program. It's hard for young women in Nepal to find good jobs, to pay for education and to get ahead given the status of women in Nepal. By joining us, you are helping these young women to escape the patriarchal system that exists in Nepal and they, in turn, are showing the way forward for all the women of Nepal. 



Governing Board Members

Ari Stern, MD

President & Medical Director

Berkeley, CA USA
Doctor of Emergency Medicine

Bob Doak, DVM

Vice President

Albuquerque, NM, USA
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Scott MacLennan

Founder & Executive Director
Nepal Program Director

Albuquerque, NM, USA

Dorothy Kammerer-Doak, MD

Board Member

Albuquerque, NM, USA
Doctor of OB/GYN

Trond B. Jensen

Board Member

Alaska, USA

Dan Mazur

Expedition Organizer

Summit Climb
Mount Everest Foundation

Phillip Heinegg

Medical Doctor

New York, USA

David Diaz

Web Developer

Santa Fe, NM, USA

Mike Anderson

General Contractor

Alaska, USA

Manisha Sharma


Albuquerque, NM

Ann Price

Board Member

Colorado USA 



Scott MacLennan Scott MacLennan
Founder / Executive Director

Scott has working in Nepal and Peru for nearly a decade. He is the recipient of the Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal and the founder of The Mountain Fund.

Sunita Subedi-MacLennan Sunita Subedi-MacLennan
Director of Volunteer Programs

Sunita has been directing the volunteer program in Nepal for The Mountain Fund since it's inception. The program continues to grow in popularity each year.

Manisha Sharma Manisha Sharma
Administrative Assistant

Manisha is the official go-to person at The Mountain Fund for a variety of matters including web updates, bookkeeping, filing and donor recognition programs.

Dennis Thomas O'Connor

Social Media Manager

  Sushila Aryal
Placement Coordinator/Rural Program Manager 

Sushila is our go-to person for volunteers in Nepal. She manages the placement relationships and provides oversight to volunteer activities. Sushila also is in charge of The Mountain Fund's rural programs and volunteer placements.





The Sisters
Namuna, Usha, Saru and Shanti keep the volunteer house in Nepal running.
To contact the house in Nepal call 977-9841060257, or


Other Regional Staff

Noah HarperNoah Harper

El Salvador Program Director


Noah currently resides in Salt Lake City, UT, where he attends the University of Utah as a premedical student, and serves as a Teaching Assistant for Human Anatomy. When not studying, you’ll find him enjoying the seasonal fruits of rock climbing and skiing in the nearby Wasatch Mountains.   In June of 2008, Noah traveled to El Salvador and was fortunate to have the opportunity to volunteer in a local, public health care facility,The  Zaragoza Clinic. While volunteering it became evident that the well-trained physicians and nurses that served there were tragically under supplied.It was within this context that the Benefit El Salvador Project was born.

Yure ChavezYure Chavez 

Peru Program Director

Yure was born in Cusco, Peru, where he went to University for 5 years to be licensed in tourism. An introspective guy with a great sense of humor, he speaks Quechua (local language), Spanish, French, and English. Yure has guided adventure, ecotourism, bird watching and conventional tours for almost 10 years. Yure is very involved in Andean Anthropological Studies (costumes, traditions and social customs) and is also interested in the animal world of the Andes and the rain forest. Yure's wife, Brenda, is our Homestay Manager in Peru. She is also in charge of our micro finance program, Aynikuy.




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Executive Director Scott MacLennan is awarded the
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