PRE MED Program in Nepal - Learn about healthcare in a developing country

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Learn about medicine in a developing country.

VERY LIMITED OPPORTUNITY - ONLY 4 people allowed at the same time, you could be one! 

An incredible opportunity to observe all facets of medicine in a Kathmandu Hospital with English-speaking doctors. You will get experience in x-ray, laboratory, dental, eye-care, emergency, pre and post-operative, OB/GYN and the surgical theatre. Make daily rounds with doctors who will engage you in the diagnostic process and treatments. This will look great on your medical school application. This is an observation program, you cannot give medical treatment to patients in Nepal without a medical license. 

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More About This Placement

If you are in college, studying biology, chemistry or any of the sciences and are considering a career in medicine this is the ideal program to make your medical school application stand out. This is an observation program, you cannot give medical treatment to patients in Nepal without a medical license. 

What Can You Do?

In addition to rotating through every department of a very busy hospital, including the emergency, OGGYN. radiology, laboratory, in-patient, pharmacy and out-patient departments, you can actually scrub in and observe surgery with doctors who are willing to explain to you, step-by-step, what they are doing and why. This is an observation program, you cannot give medical treatment to patients in Nepal without a medical license. 

What Will Your Impact Be?

There is no way to impart the long-term impact of participation in this program. It will be truly life changing. It's the best way we know of to boost that medical school application as well. Few students will be able to list participation in such a comprehensive program in a developing country. Please see our testimonial pages for some real, honest recommendations about this program. 

Requirements and Pricing

Pricing.  What you pay covers our costs to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Nepal and to provide answers to all your questions during the pre-trip planning stage. It would be impossible to type out an entire list of what is included, but here are the key points. 


1) Before travel to Nepal we will spend as much time as it take to provide you the help you need to arrange travel, visa information what to expect in Nepal, what to pack for Nepal, what you can do while you are in Nepal and what life will be like in Nepal for you.  Your advisor knows Nepal inside and out and has lived there. You will be getting the most expert guidance possible.


2) We will assit you in getting from the airport to our house. We have our own volunteer group housing in Nepal so that we can ensure your safety and the quality of food, cleanliness and safety of drinking water. The housing has same-sex shared rooms furnished with beds and all the sheets, blankets, pillows and towel. Our girls keep the house clean, though you are expected to help by picking up your own room.  


3) Around the clock staff support. Our staff lives in the house. They will help you learn the culture, the language, how to navigate the transportation systems and every other aspect of life in Nepal. They are there to support you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. They can also help you arrange for any in-country travel you may wish to do while in Nepal as well as suggest places to go and things to do. 


Our pricing is simple, our support is all-encompassing. You are coming to work with us and be a part of our family and you'll be treated as family the entire time you are in Nepal. 


Requirements: This program is for those intending to apply for medical school. Your resume should demonstrate related studies and a career direction towards the health profession. We suggest you wear a white lap coat while at the hospital. 

Notes: This program is only for pre-med students and is observational ONLY. 

Travel medical insurance is required. You can obtain coverage HERE 

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