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Image of Teach women photography and videography at beautiful Her Farm NEW COMING SOON TEACH IN KATHMANDU!



Teach women photography and videography at beautiful Her Farm NEW COMING SOON TEACH IN KATHMANDU!

The mission of Her Farm Films is to provide the training and equipment needed for Nepali women to produce short films about life in Nepal for women. Photography and videography is a proven method for dealing with the trauma of domestic abuse and neglect. Volunteers in this program in Nepal will help women improve their skills and at the same time heal the wounds left by their past lives. 

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More About This Placement

This project is especially for those interested in photography and/or helping women recover from abuse.  Counselors face language and cultural barriers working with women (and children) who have been abused. Photography takes very little in the way of language to communicate. Nearly all the women and many of the children at Her Farm have emotional scars from their past lives.  They are beginning to learn about photography and also making videos. They like it a lot, it’s fun and there’s a body of research suggesting it’s an honestly therapeutical endeavor for depression, PTSD and abuse survivors, which fits our farm family.  

What Can You Do?

Bring your camera or camcorder, or talk to us about using one of ours and your passion for photography and short videos. Help the women and children of Her Farm by showing them how to use their cameras and how to improve in their photographic journey. The opporunties to take photo and video are endless. Her Farm has beautiful landscape opportunities, rich cultural images and the beautiful, smiling faces of all the women and children who call Her Farm home. They come from histories of abuse and neglect and carry the scars of those experiences buried deep inside. The culture doesn't provide a way to openly talk about what's happened to them and most are reluctant to discuss their past.  Film and photography have been shown to be effective tools to help communicate in a society where direct communication is frowned upon. Through the lens these women and children can begin to confront the reality of their past, as well as move toward their future healing. Your time spent working with them and discussing the photos they take, what emotions those photos express and how they feel about the photos they take and films they make opens the door to the self-expression society denies them. 

For teaching, we highly recommend you watch this youtube video. It goes way too fast for using on this project and the women can't follow this fast English, but it's a very comprehensive beginner course in photography. You can use this as a great guide for what to teach. Take each of the concepts from this video, break them down into short lessons then after explaining in a classroom-like setting, lead the women in testing these concepts in the field. https://youtu.be/axKEUnxqWZY

What Will Your Impact Be?

How can anyone truly measure the long term impact of the process of healing oneself from PTSD, depression, mental illness, domestic abuse and sexual abuse?  Is there anything more worthwhile in the world to do than to be a part of opening a whole new world to a woman and helping her find a voice in a culture that denies her voice?  

Every photograph a person takes is also a type of self-portrait, a kind of mirror-with-memory, reflecting back those moments and people that were special enough to be frozen in time forever. (from an article on Therapuetic Photography) 

When we look at a photograph, we can pay attention to what we see, think, and feel, and ask ourselves why. Often we will see things more deeply in a photograph than we do when we encounter these same things in daily life.

Requirements and Pricing

What you pay covers our costs to support you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Nepal and to provide answers to all your questions during the pre-trip planning stage. It would be impossible to type out an entire list of what is included, but here are the key points. 

1) Before travel to Nepal we will spend as much time as it take to provide you the help you need to arrange travel, visa information what to expect in Nepal, what to pack for Nepal, what you can do while you are in Nepal and what life will be like in Nepal for you.  You will be getting the most expert guidance possible.

2) We will assist you in getting from the airport to our house. We have our own volunteer group housing in Nepal so that we can ensure your safety and the quality of food, cleanliness and safety of drinking water. The housing has same-sex shared rooms furnished with beds and all the sheets, blankets, pillows and towel. Our girls keep the house clean, though you are expected to help by picking up your own room.  

3) Around the clock staff support. Staff lives in the house. They will take you on a tour of Kathmandu, help you learn the culture, the language, how to navigate the transportation systems and every other aspect of life in Nepal. They are there to support you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. They can also help you arrange for any in-country travel you may wish to do while in Nepal as well as suggest places to go and things to do.

Requirements: You should have prior experience in photography, photojournalism, creating short documentaries and etc. Some projects may involve teaching others photography or videography, others may involve creating your own pieces and editing the work of others. You DO NOT need to be a professional !  It's your passion that matters the most. 

Travel medical insurance is required. You can obtain coverage HERE

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