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Exec. Director to receive Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal

Posted: Jun 4, 2010   |   From Our Director

Exec. Director to receive Sir Edmund Hillary Mount

Scott MacLennan, founder and Executive Director of The Mountain Fund, has been selected to receive the 2010 Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal.

MacLennan's work in Nepal includes the rehabilitation of two monasteries, the staffing of a public school, and the foundation of school for HIV-affected children, two clinics and a training hospital. He has set up voluntourism programs, and mentored new NGOs around the world. He is truly a philanthropist in the mould of Sir Edmund Hillary.

The award will be presented later this year at a ceremony in Melbourne, Australia. For further information, contact Dr. Beau Beza, Chair of the Hillary Medal Selection Committee: beza@hillarymedal.org.

As chartered by Sir Edmund Hillary in 2003, the Hillary Medal is granted "for remarkable service in the conservation of culture and nature in mountainous regions." While this year's pool of applicants was both extraordinarily strong and also so diverse as to defy objective comparisons, Scott MacLennan's achievements impressed our entire Selection Committee as unquestionably worthy of recognition and emulation. Here is a sampler of the comments that emerged from our deliberations:

  • Healthcare is the number one priority for any community. Delivering medical aid to people living in poor, remote areas is a challenging and ongoing commitment. Scott MacLennan has done an outstanding job not only in providing health care but also evolving his vision to include training and education for local people. The list of his achievements is incredible. Having been involved with many healthcare projects myself, I understand how the solution of one problem can lead to a greater understanding of other, underlying problems, I am impressed by Scott's ability to meet each new need with an intelligent, considered response.
  • The creation of a volunteer pool spreads awareness of the realities of life in poor regions, and his work in Kathmandu with HIV afflicted people is very important and necessary.
  • MacLennan's work is now quite international, with projects in Peru, El Salvador, and Pakistan, as well as Nepal.
  • The ability to inspire is not nearly so important as the willingness to mentor, and Scott has achieved remarkably in both respects.

  Read more about Scott MacLennan's work and the Sir Edmund Hillary Legacy Medal at www.HillaryMedal.org

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Executive Director Scott MacLennan is awarded the
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