Volunteers in Nepal conduct health camp

Posted: Aug 23, 2013   |   Healthcare

Medical Volunteers in Nepal

Orchid Garden Nepal is home to 140 children aged nursery to grade five who attend on a daily basis. Coming, as they do, from very poor working families they suffer from a variety of preventable health issues which the family cannot afford to pay to have treated in local hospitals. Several times a year our medical volunteers in Nepal visit and give health check-ups to all the children. This past week a group held a health camp at Orchid Garden for the children. Great work volunteers, and thank you. 

Volunteer in Nepal with us. Why you should hire us and not a placement company.

Posted: Aug 12, 2013   |   From Our Director

Executive Director

People ask, and rightly so, why volunteer with Mountain Fund instead of volunteer placement company A,B,C or D?  It's a fair question and deserves a fair answer. 

1) Most volunteer placement companies that advertise on the internet have no real presence in Nepal. That's probably a shock to many volunteers, but it's true. Over the years we've worked with quite a few of these volunteer placement companies. Many of them have never had a single staff person even visit Nepal, and others perhaps had a single person visit one time only. These companies make money by advertising volunteer opportunties in Nepal, not by actually hosting you in Nepal. In fact, they make money by using google adwords and other sources to draw your attention ...

Volunteers in Nepal contribute over 1100 hours of service in 6 weeks

Posted: Aug 4, 2013   |   From Our Volunteers

hours of volunteer in nepal

We keep track of our volunteer hours worked in Nepal and in the past 6 weeks our volunteers have given 1176 hours of service. That's great, we're proud of what our volunteers do in Nepal. 

Volunteers in Nepal Teach Health and Hygiene

Posted: Aug 4, 2013   |   From Our Volunteers

Health Volunteers Nepal

A group of our volunteers in Nepal recently visited Orchid Nepal and conducted health and hygiene classes for the kids there. Orchid Garden is a day-care center and school for the children of very poor working families. There's 140 children in attendance at Orchid Garden and our volunteers covered a variety of health topics with them including brushing teeth, washing hands, covering ones mouth when coughing,how typhoid fever is spread and more. Thanks much volunteers. 

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