Success costs $1.00

Posted: Jul 19, 2011   |   From Our Director

Success costs $1.00

Wanna change the game? Here's how. The girl on the right lives in the place on the left. It doesn't cost much more than a dollar to have her in school. That changes everything. At Mountain Fund, we don't have victims of poverty, we have victory over poverty, one brave child at a time.

The Gift of Inspiration

Posted: Nov 11, 2010   |   From Our Director

The Face of Nepal The Face of Nepal by Scott MacLennan is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Judging by the parade of pumpkins and ghostly decorations across America’s front yards, it seems that the holiday season is fast approaching. But before we start the mad scramble to prepare our wallets and our waists for the upcoming celebrations, let us remember those who need our generosity most.

By the end of this year, close to 600,000 women will die during childbirth in Nepal. Almost half of Nepal’s children under five years of age will be permanently scarred by malnutrition and thousands of HIV/AIDS affected children will go entirely without primary school education.

The reality for more than half of Nepal’s population ...

Exec. Director to receive Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal

Posted: Jun 4, 2010   |   From Our Director

Exec. Director to receive Sir Edmund Hillary Mount Scott MacLennan, founder and Executive Director of The Mountain Fund, has been selected to receive the 2010 Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal.

MacLennan's work in Nepal includes the rehabilitation of two monasteries, the staffing of a public school, and the foundation of school for HIV-affected children, two clinics and a training hospital. He has set up voluntourism programs, and mentored new NGOs around the world. He is truly a philanthropist in the mould of Sir Edmund Hillary.

The award will be presented later this year at a ceremony in Melbourne, Australia. For further information, contact Dr. Beau Beza, Chair of the Hillary Medal Selection Committee:

As chartered by Sir Edmund ...

Lizzy Scully interviews The Mountain Fund

Posted: Feb 1, 2009   |   From Our Director

Scott MacLennan in Nepal The Mountain Fund: A year of change

By Lizzy Scully

Ever imagined visiting Nepal? How about working as a volunteer in a health clinic in Peru? Or, have you dreamed about trekking through some of the biggest mountains of the world while at the same time giving back to the world community through volunteer work? With the new and improved mission it implemented this year, The Mountain Fund is making dreams a reality for hundreds of people around the globe. I recently sat down with TMF’s Founder and Executive Director Scott MacLennan to discuss the latest and greatest TMF programs and the new direction his organization took this past year.

LS: What is your new and improved mission?

SM: ...

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