Volunteer in Nepal and add a trek too!

Posted: Dec 7, 2013   |   From Our Director

Everest Base Camp Trek

We are happy to announce we've added trekking in Nepal as an option for our volunteers in Nepal. Nepal is one of the world's top destinations for trekking and we now offer the Poon Hill Trek and Everest Base Camp treks. Choose your volunteer program, then as you check out you have the option of adding one, or both treks to your trip to Nepal. We also have a special package for Chitwan National Park. Some trips have a minimum number of persons required. 

Watch as our volunteers in Nepal make a school

Posted: Nov 28, 2013   |   From Our Volunteers

Volunteer Nepal School

It's amazing what a small, but dedicated group of volunteers can do. We said we needed a before and after school program at Her Farm.


Watch for yourself what happened

The life of an English teacher volunteering in Nepal

Posted: Oct 19, 2013   |   From Our Volunteers

teach english in nepal volunteering

Heather is a hard working volunteer in Nepal. At Her Farm, she starts classes at 6:30am and holds 2-3 classes in English every day. She has a huge following for these classes. In her "free time" she gives one-on-one tutoring, as she is doing in this photo with Sagun.  It's not easy work, but the rewards are huge. Volunteer your time to help teach English in a Nepali village and you'll see what I mean. 

Why Pay to Volunteer in Nepal? Well, you aren't paying to volunteer, read on.

Posted: Aug 23, 2013   |   From Our Director

The Girls

I don't know what "volunteer placement companies" charge or how they spend the money or like you, I"m also not always sure what they charge for.  I do know exactly what we charge for and it's all about supporting you as a volunteer, keeping you safe, ensuring a quality program for you to volunteer with and being there every day, all day (and night by the way) to make sure that whatever you need to have a successful time in Nepal working as a volunteer.  Here's our list of what's included in our costs and take note, not a single item is a fee or cost for volunteering, it is 100% about providing you support, a clean place to live that's also secure, good food and of course, our all-girl staff throws in unlimited smiles for free :-) 

Price ...

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